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International ​clinical studies
Due to its results, our department has been selected as a Centre for conducting international clinical trials. This is a recognition of the high standard of our cardiology outpatient clinic and at the same time it allows us to administer to our patients the latest drugs unavailable in standard medical facilities. For example, we have participated and are participating in the following studies

Victorion difference - ​sponsored by Novartis. Our facility will be the first center in the Czech Republic to open and we will be one of the few in the country to participate in the study. The project is investigating the use of a state-of-the-art cholesterol-lowering drug - inclisiran - which just needs to be injected subcutaneously 2 times a year and has a much greater effect than the cholesterol-lowering tablets used so far. The study will enrol patients at high risk of vascular events where previously available treatments have not led to sufficient reduction in cholesterol levels.

HEART FID - sponsored by American Regent. This is an international, multicenter, randomized Phase 3 clinical research study. It involves the administration of iron as an infusion twice a year in patients with heart failure. It is thought to have a beneficial effect on the development of heart failure, reducing the need for hospital admissions and hopefully reducing mortality. We are the most active centre in the country in this study.

FINEARTS - ​sponsored by BAYER. This is a multicentre, international, randomised Phase 3 clinical trial investigating the effect of a new drug, Finerenone, on heart failure in patients with reduced heart muscle elasticity. The aim is to monitor the development of heart failure, the effect on mortality. Finerenone has already been tested in small studies where it has been shown to be a safe drug that has a beneficial effect on reducing the incidence of cardiac arrhythmias and protecting the kidneys. We are among the top 5 centres in the country in this study.

HORIZON - ​sponsored by Novartis. This is an international, multicenter, randomized Phase 3 clinical trial evaluating the effect of pellacarsen on protection against the development of vascular complications such as myocardial infarction, stroke. This drug effectively reduces the level of lipoprotein (a), part of the so-called harmful cholesterol. Lipoprotein (a) is a very harmful particle for the blood vessels and a causal link is thought to exist between the occurrence of heart attacks and elevated levels of lipoprotein (a) in people without other risk factors. We do not yet have a specific treatment to reduce this lipoprotein, so the outcome of this study is eagerly awaited by the professional community.